Taking into account current sufficiently complex calculation algorithms, the final estimated cost of the service of diamond sawing and drilling in building materials is determined basically by three factors:

  • level of prices for a particular type of works (sawing or drilling);
  • the way of accounting of factors which determine the ability of the building material to be processed (its type, presence of reinforcement and solid fillers, etc.);
  • the way of accounting of factors which determine additional volume of the works, according to conditions on the particular location of their performance (height, conditions of access to the processed surface, requirements for cleanliness, etc).

Besides this, it depends on their volume, level of dispersion of locations of works on the object, conditions of connection to electrical and water networks, remoteness of containers for debris and other factors.

Taking into account the above mentioned, we would like to offer our clients the possibility of approximate calculation of estimated cost for services we provide with the help of calculator, which allows estimate the cost of single product of diamond sawing and drilling in building materials in base prices without taking into account factors of usage of increasing coefficients and concomitant additional works:

  • technological holes;
  • running meter (1.r.m.) of chase, where width does not exceed its depth;
  • technological hole, where the estimated cost is determined by its dimensions along the perimeter:
  • а) breach in masonry, if its dimensions do not exceed standard 2,1х1,0m;
  • b) breach in reinforced concrete, when for dismantling of it is used necessary available mechanisms
    (otherwise, the dismantling part is cut into pieces of weight 50-70 kg, in order to be able to
    disassembly by-hand, and estimated cost is determined by the total running footage of sawing).

Calculator does not allow estimate the cost of works on making of technological breaches and holes made by the method of drilling along the perimeter or circle.

Discounts always are applied to calculator`s results of calculation, their amount is determined by conjuncture in the region of fulfilment of works.

The more precise estimation of estimated cost of works is made according to request as soon as possible.

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